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Cast off from the skeptics.


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Cast off from the skeptics.

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are." Carl Jung

Your Calling is calling.




The app of purpose for 2.5% of the world.

You're, focused & actionable.


You're Focused & Actionable,


"The deeper you make this connection to your

calling, the more you will be able to resist the

bad ideas of others."

pg. 380, The Laws of Human Nature
by Robert Greene

Focus frees time.

Simplicity masters chaos.

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Your North Star

Cast off from the skeptics.

You're Focused & Actionable, Elegantly.

Clean, simple icons   •   Meditation - like   •   Enduring
Motivated   •   Valuable   •   Persuasive   •   Organized   •   Clear

Callings collect you. Initiatives advance you.
The Clock is where your stuff can mellow.
Time to move on? TAP the Broom.
Clean your clock.
Better Than Perfection, Progress
deiterLine grows & evolves with you. 

Think. Innovate. Be yourself.


You're Focused & Actionable, Meaningfully.​​

"To be yourself

in a world that is constantly trying to make you

something else, is the greatest accomplishment."

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

"If you are working on something

exciting that you really care about, you don't

have to be pushed. The vision pulls you."

Steve Jobs

Focused & Actionable

( Compelling isn't it. )


7 Day Free Trial

Then $9.99/Month

( a few coffees )



​The deiterLine® subscription app

does not collect data, sell data or advertising.

Available on the App Store

 "It looks amazing."
deiterLine is aspirational and occupational.
Cast off from the skeptics.
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deiterLine Calling Group
   An example  Calling of Creative Director for this Subscriber —
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   The Initiatives Generator, ready for your Initiative, Why and Action—
Cast off from the skeptics

Think. Innovate. Be yourself.
( worth repeating )

To help you succeed in a resistant world
of 84% resistance to you, your new thinking and your
new ways of doing things, is the 'Why' of
The deiterLIne logo/icon

You're Focused & Actionable,

Calmly & Powerfully.



Avanti Tutti!

( Forward Everyone )

deiterLine® supports…

Innovators, Visionaries and Creatives to succeed in a world

of 84% resistance to them, their new ideas, new thinking

and new ways of doing things. See more.

deiterLine® helps you not quit on yourself...

with calm, powerful clarity of purpose uniquely structured

within each subscriber's personal ​deiterLine app. See more.

deiterLine® is a game changer…

In a 'What and When' rinse and repeat world, the 'Why

and How' of ​deiterLine helps you complete and succeed. 

deiterLine® encourages…

Success, true to you • Non Market-World Innovators,

Visionaries and  Creatives • Innately Authentic Living • Literacy,

Accuracy and Accountability • Exposing Coercion, Machination

and Artifice •  Fewer Authority Figures • Less Dependence

on Heroes • Problem Prevention • Faster Innovation Diffusion

More, Varied Career Opportunities • Diverse Economies

• A Healthier, Happier, More Peaceful World • Longevity •

Less Suffering.

 See more


…is a new way of thinking and and your new tool of a lifetime.

Your discovery will come from how ingeniously deiterLine is applied.

Cast off from the skeptics.

Cast off from the skeptics.
11-16 sec.  thinking points 



foundational to successful human endeavor

Avanti Tutti!
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