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Know your next move, and 'Why'. 

​Calm, powerful clarity succeeds.

​Foundational to the success of any human endeavor…


"To be yourself in a world that is constantly

trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


"Focus and simplicity, once you get there you can

move mountains."

Steve Jobs


(this free platform)

This free deiterLine platform will help you bring 

'Your Why' occupationally, or aspirationally into focus.


(the deiterLine Subscription App)

The deiterLine subscription app makes 'Your Why'

actionable and replaces to-does, discipline and toughness

with lasting 'Why and How' motivation, true to you.

Calm, powerful clarity gives you the time you say you

never have to succeed. deiterLine is designed for

2.5% of the world: innovators, visionaries and creatives.

deiterLine is your superpower.


Cast off from the skeptics


a few coffees )


​The deiterLine® subscription app

does not collect data, sell data or advertising.

Casting a vote for you is deiterLine's Calling.


Callings collect you. Initiatives advance you.  The Clock mellows you.

Intuitively mark your progress, better than perfection. Write and record notes. Make screen shots and print out agendas.    Visit The Tutorials.


Your anytime pep talk —

Out perform "goals," to-does, toughness and discipline with calm, powerful clarity.


'Your Why'


& Focused

You're valuable, persuasive, organized and clear

Cast Off

97% of the people

who quit on themselves are employed by

the 3% of the people who never gave up.


41% of the global workforce plan to leave their jobs.

It's not just the job, it's the work itself.


Many young people are funneled

 into the 'what' of who's getting hired and 'when' and feel lost and alone at graduation. 

Leaders and institutions are stagnating

 in the momentum of chaotic, perpetual, 'What and When' thinking.

Perhaps most striking of all,

 84% ( 'What and When' ) of the world resists you who can make a meaningful difference. 

Cast off from the skeptics

with 'Your Why' focused and actionable.

Build the new

with your new thinking and

your new ways of doing things.

"Progress lies not in enhancing what is,

but in advancing what will be."

Kahil Gibran

Compelling isn't it?

Cast off from

the skeptics with

deiterLine ​​


a few coffees )


deiterLine® does not collect data, sell data or advertising.

Casting a vote for you is our Calling.


( Forward  )


deiterLine® does not collect data, sell data or advertising.

Casting a vote for you is our Calling.

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Avanti Tutti! 

( Forward Everyone )


​deiterLine® supports the 2.5% of the world,

innovators, visionaries and creatives to succeed in

a world of 84% resistance to new ideas, new thinking

and new ways of doing things. See more.

​deiterLine® helps the 2.5% succeed...

with their 'Why' made actionable through calm,

powerful clarity of purpose uniquely structured

within each subscriber's personal ​deiterLine app. 

See more.

​deiterLine® is a game changer. 

In a 'What and When' world, the 'Why and How' of

​deiterLine completes and succeeds. See more.

​deiterLine® is committed to:

the success of Non Market-World Innovators

Visionaries and Creatives • Innately Authentic Living

• Literacy Accuracy and Accountability • Exposing

Coercion, Machination and Artifice •  Fewer Authority

Figures • Less Dependence on Heroes • Problem

Prevention • Faster Innovation Diffusion • More,

Varied Career Opportunities • Diverse Economies

• A Healthier, Happier, More Peaceful World •

Longevity • Less Suffering.  See more.




foundational to the success of any human endeavor…

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