In A Resistant World

The calm of clarity and purpose, in an app for 2.5% of the world,

 is your superpower.

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"The two most important days of your life

are the day you are born and the day you find out why."

Mark Twain




deiterLine serves your fundamental human need…
to have your 'Why,' 
your actionable purpose,
with you at all times. 

Never quit on yourself,

your dreams, or your aspirations.

Cast off from the skeptics. 

 Already on your path?

Stay focused amidst the daily noise.

Many apps remind you what to do and when.
deiterLine reminds you who
you are meant to be and 'Why.'


Avanti Tutta.


deiterLine starts with your 'Why.

Your 'Why' is an actionable Calling.

You breathe & press on.

Why aren't we teaching this in schools? Discover your 

Calling. Develop your Calling. Use your Calling for a better you and a better world — A life well lived.

Initiatives advance your Callings. When faced with resistance, clarity of purpose is your power to

breathe & press on.

Along the path

most true to you. Your effort lands in compelling, convincing ways.

If there are times when

you feel like giving up,
 breathe & press on.
The things that excite you are not random.
They are connected with your purpose, your 'Why'.
Follow them.

It never was about
figuring out what you wanted to be,
or becoming what others thought you should be.
It was always about you
embracing and making the best of
who you already were.

From Encumbered to Empowered

The deiterLine App is a disruptive

paradigm shift  in thinking —

from what and when, to why and how.

What and when finishes.

Why and how completes, succeeds.


deiterLine's connection with

your purpose, your 'Why',

is more than goal-setting it's a Calling.

"Those who are clear on their 'Why'

are the ones who have never

given up and succeeded."

Simon Sinek

Once you are clear

on your 'Why,' deiterLine

helps you retain focus amidst

the daily noise.


from clarity of purpose,

will be your superpower.


Welcome to day two of you.

breathe & press on

Very appreciated

at 3:00

in the morning.

At any moment of confusion, stress or doubt,

breathe & press on.

Originated for innovators,

visionaries and creatives, the 2.5% of the world,

deiterLine is for anyone really,

who wants to make a positive impact.


For you just getting started —

Discover and develop your gifts.

For you already on your path —

breathe & press on.

For you living to 100 —

Have a purpose that makes you

jump out of bed every morning.

With deiterLine,

your 'Why,' or 'Whys,' are Callings.

Your Callings are advanced with

Initiatives —

essential ventures and actions.

deiterLine's minimalist interface

makes polishing your Callings

uplifting, encouraging and calming. 

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 Your occupation and aspirations

are equally respected, valued and advanced.

Focus. Grow. Get better. Do better.

deiterLine's value to you

increases with time. 

Your value to others

increases as well.


Think. Innovate. Be yourself.

 deiterLine is not about

checking your to-dos ( more chaos ).

deiterLine is about staying above the chaos

with clarity and purpose.


 deiterLine is not about money. 

Money may be a result, but as others 

have written, your 'Why' keeps you going.

"I  was worth over $1,000,000

when I was 23…

and over $10,000,000 when I was 24

and over $100,000,000 when I was 25 

and it wasn't that important because

I never did it for the money."

Steve Jobs

A Paradigm Shift
from what and when
to why and how
A Superpower
the calm of clarity and purpose
from encumbered to empowered
Lausanne, Switzerland
for the price of a few coffees a month


(Your 'Why')


(Advances 'Whys')

© 2019 deiterLine

Dreamers Become Doers
Through a system of Callings and Initiatives
you become more and more polished and clear about your purpose and direction.



Follow Your Stars

Your 'Whysare your Callings

represented by Stars.



Advance Your Callings

Initiatives, Ventures and Actions are how you advance.



Stuff Mellows Here

Old Callings and Initiatives

mellow in the Clock.


Clean Your Clock

Permanently delete with the Broom,

more progress.

The deiterLine



Show Your Progress

better than perfection

Your Truth

"The privilege of a lifetime is to

become who you truly are."

Carl Jung

"All truth passes through three stages.

First it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed.

Third, it is accepted as being self evident. " 

Arthur Schopenhauer

make your grand contribution
cast off from the skeptics

breathe & press on

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