The 'Why' of deiterLine is to support your success.

Civilization advances. Suffering lessens.

deiterLine exists
because 84% of the world resists
Innovators, Visionaries and Creatives,
the 2.5% of the world who want to make a difference.

The 'Why' of deiterLine

is to cheer you on to success.

Civilization advances.

Suffering is lessened.


Resistance and Chaos

The Diffusion of Innovations

"The defining challenge of our time

is to create solid and sustained economic growth

that continues to meaningfully improve people's lives."

Dambisa Moyo, Edge of Chaos


Uniquely — 'Why' and 'How'

Within the deiterLine App

is the embodiment of

a disruptive shift in thinking —

from encumbering, rehashing and

 obligating 'What and When' thinking,

( 80% of people who make New Year's resolutions

have given up by the second week of February. )

to empowering, motivating,

completing — succesful,

'Why and How' thinking.


What and When finishes, certainly,

but Why and How completes — succeeds.

"Intellectuals solve problems.

Geniuses prevent them."

Albert Einstein

"There comes a time where we need to stop

just pulling people out of the river. We need to go

upstream and find out why they're falling in."

Desmond Tutu

At a time perhaps like no other in modern

memory, people around the world are considering

their purpose in life, their 'Why' — their Calling.

deiterLine users are not just concerned

with doing something right.

deiterLine users plan on doing the right thing.

Alvin Toffler tells us, "The illiterate of the

21st century will not be those who cannot

read and write, but those who cannot

learn, unlearn and relearn."

Think of The Possibilities

Innately authentic living

Literacy, Accuracy and Accountability

Fewer authority figures

Less dependence on heroes

Problem prevention

Faster innovation diffusion

 More varied career opportunities

More diverse economies.

 A healthier, happier, more peaceful world.

Less suffering

Encumbered to Empowered


As children, we are born innovators

with powerful imaginations. Unfortunately

something happens along the way.

Young people are guided to study,

or become, the “what” of

who’s getting hired and "when".

Too often college students 

feel lost and alone at graduation.

Adults, seemingly successful, at the helm of

organizations, big and small,

often find themselves lost

in the chaos and momentum of 'what and when'.

 Nearly everyday of our lives we hear,

"What are you going to do and when?"

( Listen for the question on tonight's news. )

What and when encumbers.

deiterLine is a disruptive paradigm shift

in thinking from what and when, to why and how.

Why and how empowers.

Why and how is more motivational than goal-setting.

"Those who are clear on their 'Why'

are the ones who have never given up and succeeded."

Simon Sinek


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What if education actually

helped students identify

their unique interests and talents

and nurtured those talents

over the years?

Instead of asking our children

what they want to be when they grow up,

consider asking them what world-problems they

 would want to prevent when they grow up.

Ask them 'Why' these problems persist.

Ask them 'How' these problems are perpetuated.

They grow to think, innovate and be themselves.

A Surprise Benefit is

the empowering calm of clarity.

Four years have gone into the development of

deiterLine. A surprise benefit

turns out to be the quality of calm

 people experience from

polishing their Callings' with deiterLine.

In any moment of doubt, or discouragement,

even at 3:00 in the morning,

you can check your deiterLine.

Calm, of clarity and purpose,

turns out to be a superpower.

Inspire yourself and others

throughout the day

 with your clarity and sense of purpose.

Clarity and purpose becomes time and power to succeed.

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deiterLine is transformational,

purposeful and actionable.


Never quit on yourself,

your dreams, or your aspirations  —

the path most true to you.

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"There is more to life than being a passenger."
Amelia Earhart