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Mass shootings and the death of empowering information, why and how...

You'll be one of the few who understand. Why do they exist? How do they persist? How are they perpetuated? Two books, one on sociopathic behavior, and another explains why we never learn the why and how to understand and build the new.

When a mass shooting occurs, ( a single incident involving the shooting with one or more firearms of a number of people, but more than two and typically a large number, especially when the victims are random ) we wonder why and how. What we are told is what happened and when.

The news organizations play the what and when over and over. They then focus on suffering. While that is playing out, less and less information becomes available, "...this is an ongoing investigation and we can't talk more about it."

Headlines then resort to evil as the predator. Calls for some force saving us from evil are next. Another mass shooting follows.

High Risk Children Without A Conscience, by Dr. Ken Magid and Carole A. McKelvey

Their work and research essentially explains the sociopathic continuum. The evidence presented shows how importune the first few years of life are too healthy human development. High Risk: is about babies, parenting, genetics, and crime, and how they are vitally connected. The book is about why and how.

The book came out in 1987. It is rare, nearly unheard of to find anyone in law enforcement, law making, psychology or journalism who has read this book. Perhaps it explains why you'll be either outraged or brokenhearted after you read this research. One thing is for sure. You will be one of the few who understand.

The Spiral Notebook / The Aurora theater shooter and the epidemic of mass violence committed by American Youth, By Stephen and Joyce Singular.

This husband and wife team use their forensic reporting experience to examine the dynamics driving violence committed against peers. You will see what you have learned from High Risk playing out in The Spiral Notebook.

You will also read about the effect of children being funneled into a life that is not theirs. deiterLine believes in young people learning who they are and embracing and developing their unique OKness.

That's why it is so hard to learn the things we need to know. Those involved in these cases want to cover their "ass" so the public doesn't learn what's important. We deserve the right to know what happened to him ( the killer ) before he became a killer. That's a small thing to expect when a dozen people are dead and a lot more have been wounded.

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