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Think. Innovate. Be yourself — the purpose of this venue, oh!

The aim of deiterLine and the deiterLine app is to help you think, innovate and be yourself —

to succeed at your Calling and your purpose. There is more, perhaps a promise of less suffering in this world.

This venue, oh!, is a venue where we might look at wisdom already succeeding. The name oh! is an expression I have heard people use when they learn something new, or transformational. Not everything on this venue will be transformational to you. If you are here, you have probably been a thinker for some time.

The oh! venue originates from a place where you are just great as you are. It is revealing to note, many people in therapy simply could benefit from reading Etiquette For Dummies, or having a physical check up. Many people in therapy are there because all their life they were told something was wrong with them by people who never faced their own childhood traumas — "Water, what water?"

There are many recovery programs. Some are free and some are very expensive. Some are publicly funded. They generally have about the same success rate ( success being non relapse ) of about 5%. The only explanation is that people who use tools get work done. People who do not use tools do not get much done. It is like the axiom, it works if you work it, kind of thing. Use the tools here. Stay focused.

Another profound realization in recovery programs is a common story. People will relate how adults in their lives would tell them, "Didn't anyone ever teach you anything?" Finally as adults attempting to face their lives and to be true to themselves realize that, no, no one ever really taught them anything.

It is unfortunate, but not strange, especially when we hear that people like Einstein and even Bill Gates struggled in school. School was trying to funnel them ( all of us ) into the work force and kill their potential as thinkers, innovators and individuals. The irony is thinkers, innovators and individuals expand economies and have the potential to advance less suffering in the world as they advance civilization another thinker, innovator and individual at a time.

So, finally about this venue. oh! is essentially the prerogative of deiterLine's developer and founder. There is no place for your comments ( at this time ). Please accept an apology. As deiterLine grows with more subscribers, deiterLine will be able to hire better researchers, and hosts to this venue and serve you better. If you like, we can expand oh! to become a venue advancing thinking, innovation and individuation. oh! can ultimately grow to make your way easier and easier for those who follow and benefit from your thinking and innovation. The world does need who you were meant to be. Breathe and press on.


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