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Coercion, machination and artifice or "Water, what water?"...

There is a story about three fish: an Old Fish and Two Young Fish. The Old Fish swims along and comes up to the Two Young Fish and the Old Fish says, "Hi boys, how's the water?" The Two Young Fish nod to the Old Fish and swim on. But a few minutes later the Two Young Fish stop, look at each other and say,"Water, what water?"

The sea we live in is a mixture of honesty and trickery, knowns and assumptions. It's actually more subtle than that. It's made to be subtle, just like water. But sometimes the water is made muddy so we think it is deep.

The Two Young Fish probably think the Old Fish is crazy. They probably don't want to be around him again. The Old Fish doesn't know what he is talking about. The Old Fish makes the Two Young Fish uncomfortable. You and I can find this unfortunate and unnecessary, but we are often in the position of either The Old Fish, or The Two Young Fish when we are being duped by coercion, machination and artifice.

What is it? What does it look like?

Why does coercion, machination and artifice exist? How does it persist? How is it perpetuated?

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